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Turning ideas into profitable products has been our expertise  since 1980. 

Design of products, graphics, packaging, production lines, injection mold tooling, metal febrication, 3D printing, materials, testing, advertising and Internet interfaces.



Over 800 projects completed means there is a high probability we have done a project like the product you are wanting to market.  Please call for a FREE 1 hour consultation to plan the next steps to turning your ideas into profitable products.



Sure, we have worked with some of the largest corporations in the world.  The really challenging and most fulfilling projects are going from nothing to a creation of a completely new invention that becomes a product and a success.


Brad Sorensen's answer to the clean electricity and clean water supply for Puerto Rico after the hurricane.

Brad Sorensen's 6.1GW CLEAN Water&Power and underground utilities plan for Puerto Rico recovery

Brad Sorensen's operating room inside a 130 mph, 812 megawatt, 500 passenger, 200 car, Hospital Ship.

Brad Sorensen's invention of an open air compressor wind power electrical generator system.

WindRING clean energy robots #18 and #19 built and running at the WindRING Factory in Cheonan, Korea.

Making America's Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army and Coast Guard stronger at half the price.

Brad Sorensen's prismacolor pencil rendering of a race car drawn at the age of 17 years old

Brad Sorensen's Volvo Semi Truck cab over design sketch as published in Car Styling Magazine.

Brad Sorensen's RoboRIG oil and gas drilling robot for clean, silent, fast, safe, profitable, oil well completions.

Brad Sorensen contributed to the design of the Mazda RX-7 Sports Car working for Design West in Irvine, CA.

Brad Sorensen's design of an adjustable ventilation system for Bell Sports - Bell Helmets

Brad Sorensen's TRIPLE spring & shock absorber, stand up, soft ride, comfortable, off-road and cruiser, bike

Brad Sorensen's solar powered resort in the Cayman Islands with a restaurant and market in the center.

Brad Sorensen's retrofits of 3 bladed wind turbines to 22,896 blade WindRING 40MW Clean Energy Robots.

Brad Sorensen's OIl Spill Cleanup system that converts toxic spills into fertilizer and water to grow plants.

Brad Sorensen's Dual Wind Vortex electric car range extender, with trailer hitch swing away access mount.

Brad Sorensen's WindRING roof mounted wind generation system significantly reduces electricity bills.

Brad Sorensen's combination wind, wave, current, tidal, solar, clean energy generation system - 1.2 gigawatt

Brad Sorensen's combination LNG, wind power and water desalinization plant - 9.9 gigawatt

Brad Sorensen's 24 terawatt CLEAN Water&Power plant, hypersonic transport and 4,000 jobs for Los Angeles

Brad Sorensen's invention of hydrogen powered 130 mph container ships and cruise ships

Most of Brad Sorensen's clean power and water inventions fit inside standard containers for transport

Brad Sorensen's invention of rocket powered desalinization pipeline refilling the dead sea from the red sea

Brad Sorensen's 10GW replacement for the Navajo Generating Station Coal Plant with CLEAN Water&Power 

Brad Sorensen's 9GW upgrade of a nuclear power plant resulting in a giant lake in the Arizona desert

Brad Sorensen's new Bermuda International Airport, vacation resort city, port and 200 megawatt power plant

Brad Sorensen's Hypersonic, Liquified Petroleum Gas, Flying, Supertanker for deliveries anywhere in 2 hours

Brad Sorensen's answer to wildfires, a natural disaster protection house that folds down to protect

Brad Sorensen's answer to tidal waves, a floating, waterproof, protection house that folds down to protect

Brad Sorensen's Floating Family Protection Mansions can be a lifesaver in an emergency

Brad Sorensen's pier mounted Family Protection Mansions can be open 360 degrees until an emergency

Brad Sorensen survived 7 tornadoes in Nebraska and Kansas leading to the TornadoTURTLE invention

The HurricaneHOME invention would have helped the people in the Katrina Hurricane float above the flood

The HurricaneHOME is perfectly safe at the water's edge, because it floats and it protects itself in storms

HeaVeterans need a place to have a transition from military service to civilian life, this provides for veterans

Brad Sorensen has invented a new way of cutting 80' wide X 40' tall tunnels through the hardest of rocks

Heading 1

Brad Sorensen has a plan for cleaning up the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, and any other nuclear plant

Brad Sorensen has an invention that cleans oil spills and turns it into fertilizer and water to grow plants

Brad Sorensen worked for the Relaxor company creating a massage controller for La-Z-Boy chairs

Brad Sorensen designed a church where the entire structure of the church is a stained glsss window

David Weston, Brad Sorensen and Carlin Wong designing irons for Sunbeam at Gould & Associates 1983

Brad Sorensen's prototype steam irons for Allegheny Sunbeam at Gould & Associates 1983

This back massager product has a devoted fan base that has purchased well over a billion units.

Brad Sorensen took this salad dressing project from a $5000 loan to $50,000,000 in sales in just 3 years

Brad Sorensen invented a reclosable, tamper evedent, inexpensive, cereal dispenser for Robinson's UK

Brad Sorensen's fine china for Wedgwood, London, created at Gould & Associates, in Westwood, CA

Brad Sorensen's design for Versa Climber exercise machines was very popular in gyms for over 25 years

Dr. Lee Perry and Jane Fonda use the Ortopod inversion machine to relieve pressure in back vertebrae 

Brad Sorensen invented a hospital chair to allow parents of sick children to sleep overnight in the hospital

The Suzuki powered Ultranautics SeaFlash water jet craft is so powerful, you can waterski behind it

Brad Sorensen created a portable music concert stage that has pnumatic extension handrails on top

Brad Sorensen built this prototype of the, "Stars & Cards," fortune teller game

Brad Sorensen Created store fronts for better brand recognition, improved function and consumer loyalty

Since 1979, Brad Sorensen has been a design consultant to Kelley Johnson, Ben Rich + defense contractors

Brad Sorensen invented this token operated shopping cart which has advertising on almost every surface

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