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PROJECT: WindRING Clean Wind Power

WindRING Clean Energy Robots are the perfect tool for converting wind into electric energy.  Starts making power at just 1 mile per hour and keeps making power at over 200 mph.  Most 2.5MW wind turbines need 22 acres each.  WindRING 40MW units requires just 1/6th of one acre.


CLEAN Water&Power Hydrogen Rocket Powered Generation

Converts COAL to CLEAN by removing the carbon atom from the system.  Rocket Desalinization and Rocket Powered Turbine Spinning for megawatts of clean electricity and millions of gallons of fresh drinking water for the people.

PROJECT: WaterROCKET Hypersonic Transportation 

Airliners are too slow!  Why spend 15 hours getting to the other side of the earth, when you can get there in 2 hours.  WaterROCKET aircraft are also non-polluting because they run on hydrogen and oxygen resulting in steam that turns into water for clean hypersonic air travel for everyone.

PROJECT: FastFUN Sailboats = no seasickness

People love sailing, but the danger of capsizing and sea sickness can make sailing unpleasant.  FastFUN Sailboats are impossible to capsize. 

FastFUN Sailboats have 6 to 21 hulls to average the wave height and keep the sailboat level in most waves.  The triangular sails are replaced with 3D parabolic sails to pull with tons of force, not pounds of force for unmatched speed.  The 3rd prototype did 42 knots of speed.  In time we predict we will break the 50 MPH and 70 MPH goals.

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