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Brad Sorensen
Inventor, Industrial Designer, Computer Prototype Expert, Advertising

I want to help you make your dreams into profitable reality

Since 1978, Brad Sorensen has been creating great products.

The Art Center College of Design is where 75% of all successful car designers are trained.  Brad Sorensen graduated top of his class, with Great Distinction, with a 3.65 grade point average.  Brad Sorensen won a full scholarship from Chrysler Corporation for design portfolio excellence.  Brad Sorensen started in a class of 32 students, only 2 graduated.  The other class graduate,  J. C. Mays, became the president of Ford Motor Company design. 

Brad Sorensen has designed over 13 vehicles - cars, trucks, semi-trucks, mining trucks, busses, motorcycles, bikes, aircraft, spacecraft, ships, aircraft carriers, submarines and watercraft.

Brad Sorensen has designed over 400 packages for supermarkets.

Brad Sorensen has designed many hundreds of trademarks, logos, and copyrights for products and packaging.


Brad Sorensen has created advertising, using his own advertising photography, copy writing, photoshop and printing supervision.

Brad Sorensen can create something from nothing but a dream.

Let me prove I can create something of significance for you.

818-388-3169 Cell and Text

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